Home Improvement Statistics Show A Rise


Home Improvement Statistics show that there has definitely been a rise in the home improvement spent. House prices have dropped in England, and statistics drawn from surveys conducted with property owners show that the home improvement sector continues to boom. Most of the statistics are done by websites who provide services for home improvement.

Popular Areas

As per Home Improvement Statistics, people have spent the most on property extensions and conversions. There are some interesting facts which a survey in Ireland yielded. About 20 percent of the owners had an extension or conversion to their homes. More than half the respondents had two or more new rooms and about a third of them had a new kitchen as the priority addition. Additions in the form of sunrooms, conservatories, home offices or attic conversions were popular features.

Home Improvement Statistics also include bathroom refits, tiling, wooden floor installation, decking or landscaping. For such jobs, quality trades professionals are required and their requirement has grown immensely in the last few years. It is now becoming a problem for service providers to meet the demand for quality trade professionals. Getting the right professional takes time, but it is worth the wait.

Changing with the Times

The total home improvement product sales have increased by 12.6 % since last year in the US and the Home Improvement Statistics attributes some of the increase in activity due to the natural disasters in many parts of the country. But in general, homes are becoming more flexible and practical.

This is happening because of the contemporary lifestyles and evolving environmental concerns. Homes are becoming efficient due to the ‘work at home phenomenon’, which indicates that the boundaries between workspace and personal environments are merging.

At a seminar of Home Builders in Canada, the importance of the kitchen was brought to the forefront, because they are becoming family hubs where there is multi-tasking. On the other hand, the living room is losing its popularity and being turned into big libraries or home offices.

This change of concept has an effect on the Home Improvement Statistics because property owners are changing with the times. They are making the new conversions in their old homes, building spacious kitchens and incorporating libraries, instead of buying a new property with all the new features.

The Green Element

The Home Improvement Statistics is also showing an increase in homeowners who are willing to pay a higher price for home improvement if it is environment-friendly. They are looking at future energy cost savings and are sure that green features will improve the resale value of the property.

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